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Eran Eyal is an investor, advisor, and award-winning entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the crowdsourcing, e-commerce and retail markets. Currently, Eyal is the founder and co-CEO of Shopin, where he looks to revolutionize the customer shopping experience by putting individuals in control of their own data.

A four-time founder with three exits, Eran Eyal and his endeavors have earned a number of achievements, including the United Nations World Summit Award for Innovation. Shopin also won best ICO at the North American Bitcoin Conference and CoinAgenda. Previously, Eyal has founded companies like iDea,, and Springleap.

At Shopin, Eran Eyal and his team have developed a personalized shopping platform using next-gen artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Shopin uses customer purchase data to personalize the shopping experience, all while keeping that data securely encrypted on the blockchain, out of the hands of hackers. With Shopin, retailers and brands improve sales conversions while customers receive better shopping recommendations and maintain full control of their own data.

Eyal is an avid investor and advisor for startups with ideas that both excite him and solve significant problems in the world today. He is particularly interested in the blockchain and online marketplaces, with focuses on decentralization and crowdsourcing. Eran Eyal has most recently been an advisor for, a mobile monetization solution, and an investor for VaultML, an AI-based analytics and prediction platform for content and media companies. Other organizations Eran engaged with include Glassbox Digital, and the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC).

"We’re focused on getting your data back to you so we can reshape the internet to give you the most personal experience."

Eran Eyal is also a distinguished presenter, delivering hundreds of compelling pitches in his career. His  winning prominent pitches at TechStars, MentorCamp and AlleyNYC have raised over $50MM for companies he has founded at nine figure valuations. Additionally, he has presented for TedX and given keynote speeches for graduation ceremonies. Eyal is enthusiastic about the storytelling element of presenting and pitching, as it allows him to merge his knowledge and experience in technology with his love of design in order to give great ideas the attention they deserve.

Eran Eyal is motivated to create solutions and lead others around him to do the same. Eyal has focused his desire to guide others through his advising, investing, and by creating StartupHat, where he provides expert insight and shares his experience with entrepreneurs who are looking to create strong investor/sales pitch decks and grow their companies. Eyal also offers startups the option to enlist him to their advisory boards or as a consultant, further deepening his impact on their success.

As Eyal moves toward the future with Shopin, his goal is to give billions of people the opportunity to fully control their entire spectrum of data. Outside of Shopin, Eran Eyal is a passionate black-belt martial artist and tai chi instructor. He attributes many of the leadership lessons he has learned over the years to this passion. Eyal frequently gives back to his community through volunteer teaching of martial arts and other physical activities. He is actively involved in charitable giving, and donates earnings from StartupHat to non-profit organization charity: water, which brings clean drinking water to developing countries.


Eran Eyal – Shopin – Winner of North American Bitcoin Conference 2018

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